Telegraaf covering the Morocco event held at Tribes ITO

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The ITO building on the Amsterdam Zuidas houses a super-tribe: the X-Tribe, a group of geniuses from present and past in the fields of business, sports, culture, and science. Recently, a Moroccan addition was made to the tribe: national coach Walid Regragui.

The Moroccan embassy councilor Mehdi Chiadmi and consul-general Salim Lahjomri came to the headquarters to celebrate the joyous occasion. Tribes office tenant Eduard Schaepman came up with the idea to include the national football coach in the X-Tribe when he saw him in action during the recent World Cup. "The impressive way Walid molded his players into a successful team inspired me enormously," said the real estate entrepreneur, who named his offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany after a tribe. "Solidarity, cooperation, equality, and one common goal are all things that the X-Tribe stands for." In the eyes of Eduard, the top coach, who reached the semi-finals with 'the Atlas lions,' fits in with illustrious X-Tribers such as Bill Gates, Mohammed Ali, and Amy Winehouse. "Each of them contributed to connection in their way," he underlined in trendy PR language. According to him, the X-Tribe has existed for a hundred years, but nobody noticed. Groundbreaking geniuses belong to it, from Albert Einstein and Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic, to Steve Jobs and Johan Cruyff. Photos of all these 'Tribers' hang on the wall in the tribal house. In addition to the Moroccan diplomats, who were walking on eggshells despite a tiny opening in the migrant issue, dozens of entrepreneurs of Moroccan origin were present. Among them were Elghazi Boultam from sauna rental company Relax Center Nederland and owner Abdelkarim Akoudad of temp agency Job Vision. The leisure and catering sector was also well represented with director Nabil El Ghamarti of Mar Seafood and top man Ayoub Aarabe of Italian restaurant chain Fratelli, whose new location in Voorburg has been empty for two years due to a shortage of staff. Eduard Schaepman: "You hear many impressive entrepreneurial stories here, but Nabil's story stands out for me. Born and raised in Urk, but with unbreakable Moroccan roots. His father started the successful Mar Seafood. In the meantime, Urk shrimp goes to Morocco every week, to come back peeled with all kinds of beautiful fish. A direct line between the very Dutch Urk and the beautiful Maghreb country. Talking about connection!" There was a personal invitation for Fouad Tijarti, multiple world champion kickboxing. "My wife and I train with Fouad twice a week," the Tribes head said. "He is incredibly energetic and driven and fits in perfectly with us."

From left to right: Ayoub Aarabe of Fratelli, Abdelkarim Akoudad of Job Vision, Nabil El Ghamarti of Mar Seafood, and Elghazi Boultam of Relax Center Nederland.

The photo of new X-Triber Walid Regragui, who is thrown up in celebration after reaching the semi-finals, hangs prominently in the Zuidas tribal house.

From left to right: Moroccan embassy councilor Mehdi Chiadmi, kickboxer Fouad Tijarti, consul-general Salim Lahjomri, and Eduard Schaepman.

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