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Member in the Spotlight: Lotte Lobé of Topsales Amsterdam

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Meet Lotte Lobé, the vibrant founder of Topsales Amsterdam and a beloved Tribes community member! A trailblazer in personal branding, social selling, and sales, Lotte empowers professionals through dynamic training and strategic advice. She's also a talented author, with her new book "Top of Mind" revealing the secrets to building authentic connections and leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Lottes drive and energy make her a force to be reckoned with, and we had the pleasure of learning more about her journey, motivations and exciting goals for the future in this interview.

Hi Lotte! Can you tell us a little about yourself and Topsales Amsterdam?

I help companies and professionals to succeed in personal branding, social selling (via LinkedIn) and sales. I spend most of my time giving in-company training, keynote speaking and giving strategic advice. Not to forget about the book I recently launched named Top of mind. I’m a self-publisher, which means I manage(d) the full process myself. That’s keeping me busy as well! Later in this interview I’ll share more about the book. Oh, the launch event was at Tribes Raamplein by the way on the 28th of June. A huge success!

And about myself? I don’t know where to start, haha. The basic information: I was born in Bergen op Zoom and I’m currently living in Amsterdam. I also lived in London.

I’m a passionate person with a lot of personality and ambitions. I love an intense life because it makes me feel alive! And I want to make it count. Things I find important: straight communication, humour, doing my own thing, freedom, showing interest in others, limiting judging others, commitment, and investing in real/deep connections.

One of my hobbies is classic ballet. I did that as a child for 8 years and recently I started dancing again. I like the music and the elegance of the dance. But don’t let the outside fool you. Ballet is a perfect example of something that looks easy and elegant on the outside, but it’s pure discipline and strength! There’s so much wisdom and inspiration in that.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I find this question difficult to answer because the answer has different layers. I’ll share two of them. First of all, my life situation back then pushed me to do things differently. The second reason is that it’s in my blood to do things my way and create things from the heart. Things that are aligned with my vision and the life I want to live! And of course, to help my clients. But that’s obvious! At least: it should be.

Congratulations on the recent launch of your book, ‘Top of Mind’! Can you share more about the book and what readers can expect to gain from it?

Thank you! The book helps you to become top of mind with your target audience and an authority in your field. You want them to think about you first when there’s a problem you can solve! Everything is approached from a personal branding perspective. Leads generated from personal branding activities convert 7x better. We do business with people who obtain a preferred position in our brain. A competitor can offer the exact same services, but a unique relationship and your authentic personality can never be copied!

I’ll tell you everything about personal branding, social selling, online and offline networking and how to get media attention (PR). Eduard Schaepman contributed an interview in the chapter about personal branding!

You can order your copy of Top of Mind here!

Alongside running your own business and writing a book, you are also a trainer, keynote speaker, and a thought leader on social media. This must keep you incredibly busy! How do you balance your commitments and stay motivated?

I always keep the end goal in mind. Motivation isn’t enough. It’s discipline. Being willing to fight for what you want and find joy and excitement in everything that comes with it!

We are very proud to have you as part of our Tribes community! Why did you choose Tribes, and what do you enjoy most about being a member?

Tribes is my tribe! It’s the people that are doing it for me. And the flexibility. I started as a co-worker, had an office later and now I’m back to being a co-worker. Most of my time I’m at clients so I needed some flexibility again. Everything is possible at Tribes!

Has being a Tribes member positively impacted your business or professional journey in any way?

Absolutely. I made friends for life, grew my network, increased visibility for my business, I found clients and experienced a lot of nice ‘borrels’ (events/drinks)! Do I need to say more?

Finally, what does the future hold for you and Topsales Amsterdam?

Selling at least 10.000 copies of my book, haha! I want to keep increasing the value of my services and my personal brand. My ambition is to become an international speaker/trainer and travel around the world for that. Hiring trainers/speakers to join my team is an option but not for now. I like how it is. Just me doing me! Together with the best clients, partners, and business friends.

Thank you, Lotte!

To learn more about Lotte and for some inspirational sales tips, you can visit her website and connect with her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Don’t forget to check out Top of Mind, available to purchase here!

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