Member in the Spotlight: Marco Meijer of Penrose Law

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This month, we're shining the spotlight on Marco Meijer, a seasoned legal professional with a passion for corporate and employment law, and a valued member of our Tribes Amsterdam Amstel community. With over three decades of experience, Marco brings a wealth of expertise to his role as Attorney and Partner at Penrose Law. In this interview, Marco sheds light on his journey in the legal field, his approach to tackling complex cases, and what sets Penrose Law apart in the legal landscape.

Hey Marco! Could you tell us a little about yourself and Penrose Law?

I have been a lawyer for a long time, initially being associated with (a predecessor of) the international law firm CMS for about 21 years, becoming a partner since 1993. After that, I was a partner for 8 and 5 years respectively at two medium-sized Amsterdam firms before starting in the same position on April 1, 2022, at Penrose. Penrose is a cooperative, a form of collaboration that is increasingly used in the legal profession, including at large firms. This form of collaboration offers a lot of (contractual) freedom, while allowing the different partners to work together towards a beautiful office. Next to corporate law and employment law we also advise clients in the area of Intellectual property (IP) and IT law, commercial contracting and litigation.

What inspired you to pursue a career in law, and to specialise in employment and corporate law in particular?

I initially studied economics for two years, but it wasn't my cup of tea, too mathematical for my liking. The study of law, however, turned out to be a perfect fit for my interests, so I progressed through it quite quickly. After working at the Amsterdam District Court for a year, pursuing a career as an attorney at law seemed like the obvious choice. In the early years, I handled cases across various legal fields, which was quite common at that time. I learned a lot from that experience, and I still benefit greatly from it in my corporate law practice. I often excel in being able to 'think along' with the entrepreneur from multiple perspectives. (Corporate) labor law gradually became a significant part of my practice, which I still find very enjoyable and do well in. I often represent employees in higher management positions in these matters.

What aspects of your work do you find most fulfilling?

I'll be honest about it: I really enjoy winning. The greater the 'power' on the other side and the better the lawyer I'm up against, the more I relish the challenge of taking on the battle and successfully resolving the case. Particularly, determining the strategy and concrete approach together with the client provides me with a lot of challenge and pleasure. The more difficult the case, the more I enjoy it.

What sets Penrose Law apart in the legal landscape?

All the lawyers at Penrose are partners in the firm, which is a feature of its cooperative structure. Therefore, we don't have junior associates on the payroll that we need to train and keep busy, a fact that clients often appreciate when it comes to billing. All our partners have already made their mark in the legal profession, most of them at larger international firms. Penrose can thus offer its clients high-quality work without constantly being faced with new young lawyers on every case. The partner who takes on the case remains the sole point of contact, which our clients find very reassuring.

Could you share a standout achievement or memorable moment from your career, perhaps a case or client interaction that left a lasting impact?

Many of my cases have left a lasting impression on me; it's simply satisfying to engage in successful high-level battles against sometimes entire teams of opposing lawyers. Naturally, the nature of my profession means I cannot divulge specific names or details. However, I can make an exception regarding my client Jurgen Spelbos, whom I represented in 2005 when he was dismissed from his position as Director of Marketing & Communication at ING, following an unjust whistleblowing allegation. This case garnered significant media attention at the time, and Spelbos even wrote a book about it titled "In het hol van de leeuw". It was indeed a memorable case that concluded very successfully.

We're delighted to have you and Penrose Law as part of our community at Amstel! What do you find most enjoyable or beneficial about being at Tribes?

Even on days when many partners work from home, such as Fridays, the hallway where our office spaces are located is lively because you always run into someone at the coffee machine with whom you can have a chat. Moreover, it's nice that this often involves foreign co-occupants. You're never truly alone in the building; there's always some activity in the restaurant as well. When I'm working, I sometimes really crave social interaction, so Tribes suits me perfectly, even when not many Penrose colleagues are in the office. And let's not forget the employees of Tribes, each and every one of them striving to make things great for the tenants, and they do succeed!

Finally, what does the future hold for Penrose Law?

Penrose will gradually expand with new partners in the coming period, I believe. We're noticing that our firm is becoming increasingly known within the legal profession. This is particularly because we are able to provide high-quality services in a very pleasant and even friendly working atmosphere. While it's true that Penrose employs lawyers who have already established a strong reputation, there's no sense of hierarchy here, unlike in larger firms. We're very careful in selecting new partners, ensuring that ego is not prioritized over collaboration within the cooperative structure. There's no room here for partners whose ego exceeds their contribution to the cooperative.

Thank you, Marco!

To learn more about Penrose Law, visit

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