Member in the Spotlight: Phil Prentice & Till Stetter of Talent in Tech

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Meet Phil Prentice and Till Stetter, the dynamic duo shaping the future of staffing and recruiting in Germany. Operating from the bustling heart of Frankfurt, Talent in Tech is on a mission to redefine industry standards by prioritizing authentic service and genuine partnerships. In this exclusive interview, Phil and Till offer a glimpse into their journey, their vision for Talent in Tech, and how they're spearheading the digital transformation landscape in Germany. Join us as we explore their passion for connecting talent with opportunities and their commitment to raising the bar in the staffing industry.

Hi Phil & Till! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Phil: I grew up in the US near Chicago to an American father and German mother. After graduating from Illinois State University, I almost immediately began my sales career in staffing. After 5 years, I took a big leap out of my comfort zone and moved to Germany with my previous employer, Allegis Group, 9 years ago to support their growth in the German market. I love learning and staying curious and would consider myself extremely driven. I love being active, staying in shape, and am personally very passionate about physical & mental health. Besides that, cooking and music are my two passions.

Till: Absolutely! I studied Law and earned my Master’s Degree, but soon realized that being a lawyer wasn't for me. I'm an extroverted person who loves interacting with people, so contracting was a natural fit. I have 4.5 years of experience in this field and absolutely love it. There's a massive opportunity to make a real difference for our clients when we excel at what we do. Outside of work, you'll find me at the gym, or from time to time, riding hard enduro.

What is Talent in Tech?

Phil & Till: Talent in Tech aims to positively impact the reputation of the staffing & recruiting industry through delivering a real service and working as true partners, versus becoming a commodity. We play an active role in creating the digital future in Germany. We provide and engage IT Freelancers for IT-Contracting and IT project services for key digitalization and transformation change initiatives within our customers.

What inspired you both to join forces and begin your own company?

Phil: I have spent my career in staffing and recruiting and realized very quickly my passion for networking, for connecting great people with opportunities, and providing real value to my customers. The staffing industry has a mixed reputation based on a lack of quality service, which I simply can’t agree with. I wanted the opportunity to set a new standard for everyone we work with. I constantly want to move things forward and I want to surround myself with equally passionate individuals and help shape the digital future in Germany.

Till: We both saw the massive potential in the German market and the desire to elevate the service level that they experience. A mutual friend of ours became aware of our goals and quickly made the introduction. We arranged a dinner a few weeks later and the rest was history, we knew there was an incredible opportunity to join forces!

What does a typical day look like for each of you?

Phil: My morning routine is how I start my day well. In the gym and a cold shower. I am a big fan of working out of the office and my workday revolves around ensuring we are setting a new standard for service to our customers in Germany. As we grow, my focus is on expanding our customer base and growing our consultant network in accordance with the latest demands to create a more digital future. To put it simply, it is connecting with as many talented individuals as possible - be it customers or potential contractors in our focus areas - as well as managing our IT & Marketing initiatives. After work, I try to unwind with a mindfulness session, cooking, time with my partner or friends, and reading

Till: My day starts at 06:00, some minimal stretching, drinking water, taking a cold shower, and having breakfast. Then, I go for a walk while preparing for work and maybe listening to an audiobook. The workday is quite focused with a wide range of tasks, involving B2B sales, marketing, recruiting for internal positions, accounting, legal, and finance. I make sure to have cups of good coffee to keep me energised. At 18:00, I hit the gym while reflecting on the day. I wrap up my day with 15 minutes of meditation, taking my supplements, and then dinner.

What trends are you currently seeing in the tech industry, and how do you stay ahead of these developments?

Phil & Till:

1. Implementation of generative AI solutions for internal use cases but evaluating how companies can employ these in a secure manner for solutions that impact the customer experience.
2. Corporations seeking to make the best possible use of their data, becoming data-driven organizations and enterprises by implementing new data platforms and technologies data delivery and reporting.
3. Putting the customer in focus and creating an enhanced customer experience through digitalization via extensive application modernization.
4. A smaller gap between people and machines, ever growing connected product offerings, industrial automation and smart building and resource technologies.

We're delighted to have you as part of our community at Garden Tower! What attracted you to Tribes as a workspace, and what do you enjoy most about it?

Phil & Till: The incredible service and customer-centric approach we have had working with (Tribes Chiefs) Raffa & Marc in the German market, a fantastic central location, all-inclusive services desk and office solution with no hidden costs, and excellent working space.

Finally, what does the future hold for you and Talent in Tech?

Phil & Till: We aim to play our part and a pivotal role in helping our customers, primarily in Germany, reach their digitalization goals. We hope to contribute to the Frankfurt community through providing fantastic career opportunities and raising the bar in terms of what customers can expect from a staffing and services provider.

Thank you, both!

To learn more about Talent in Tech visit:

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