Need for hybrid working at corporates is being met by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces

Pilot with Green Desk of ABN AMRO leads to more flexible use of different workplaces

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Amsterdam 14-10-2021 - Tribes Inspiring Workplaces is facilitating large corporates in their hybrid work needs in cooperation with Green Desk, a new initiative of ABN AMRO. Green Desk offers employees of large companies access to workplaces of affiliated providers, including Tribes Inspiring Workplaces.
Green Desk is a platform where employees of large companies can use an app to choose from external workstations in co-working spaces such as Tribes, and make use of shared workstations in existing offices. There is no other platform that combines these two types of workspaces, which makes the initiative unique.
Corporates have been looking to make remote working accessible to their employees for a long time. However, the pandemic has made it even clearer that alternatives to the traditional office and home office are needed. Employees want to work closer to home, be able to meet each other and need a professional workplace. Tribes facilitates the workplaces of the many Green Desk users, offering access to private offices and coworking spaces at locations throughout the Netherlands.
For many corporates, it is a challenge to facilitate a hybrid form of working. ABN AMRO responds to this with Green Desk, in which Tribes offers flexible workplaces. This new partnership enables large corporates to develop a more flexible, sustainable and cost-efficient accommodation policy that meets the needs of their employees.

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