Who are the Hadzabe Tribe?

Learn about the Hadzabe Tribe with Nomads All Over The World

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Who are the Hadzabe?

The Hadzabe are a contemporary hunter-gatherer people from northern Tanzania. With roughly 1,300 tribe members, they are considered one of Africa's last hunter-gatherer tribes.

Where are the Hadzabe from?

You might also be wondering where the Hadzabe are from? ​​The Eyasi Valley and surrounding hills are their ancestral home. The Hadzabe have resided in their current location bordering the Serengeti plains since their initial days as a unique tribe, according to their own history, which they retain through oral tradition. This is adjacent to the 1.9 million-year-old site where Homo habilis, one of the earliest hominids, lived. The Hadza are one of the oldest lineages of modern humans in terms of genetics.

What makes the Hadzabe so special?

  • Their one of a kind unique Language
  • Incredibly friendly, open and welcoming!
  • Resourceful and determined, as well spiritual and good humoured!
  • Superior hunting skills with the bow & arrow.

What language do the Hadzabe speak?

The Hadza speak Hadzane, a unique language that includes clicking and popping sounds which you might have spotted in our introduction to the Hadzabe.

What is Nomads All Over The World?

Nomads All Over The World is a channel focused on highlighting the inspiring nomadic people, cultures and communities. Presenter (& CEO of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces) Eduard Schaepman has already visited various indigenous and Tribal communities including the Mosuo, the Kyrgyz, the Sami, the Berbers and more! Here you can catch all the crazy clips from our visit to the Hadzabe in person!

How can I help support Nomads All Over The World?

Just continue to watch our videos, subscribe and like our content so we know what content you would like to see more of! We hope to be able to continue to support the nomadic and indigenous communities of the world one trip at a time!

Join CEO Eduard Schaepman on his incredible visit to the Hadzabe of Tanzania.

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