Nomads All Over The World | Travel advice BEFORE visiting the Sami

The importance of a guided experience

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Why is it important to have a guide when visiting the Sami?

Having a guide is essential when visiting the Sami people in Norway for various reasons. In this article, we'll outline the huge advantages that comes with having your very own chaperone, including:

  • For meeting the real population
  • Seeing the sights
  • Dressing appropriately
  • Tasting authentic dishes
  • And getting the most from your trip with local knowledge

Meeting the diverse Sami population

Firstly, having a real guide helps you find, connect and engage with the real Sami population. Seeing the reindeer herding is not to be all of the Sami story. The Sami populations consists of artists, journalists, activists, elected officials, poets, musicians and much more. So before your visit, make sure to check you can get the most out of your visit by ensuring you can interact with the diverse stakeholders associated with the Sami's continued struggle.

Seeing the sights

For some people, their visit to the Sami starts and ends at in Alta. However, this is only half of the story. To really experience the nomadic lifestyle of the Sami people, you need to go to the right places. The open tundra is where the real action is taking place with the Reindeer, but as previously stated, there is an abundance of notable spots which a guide can help you reach. From the Sami Parliament to The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (ICR) and even the Sami University.


An important aspect of any trip to Norway is preparing for the extreme temperatures, especially as you enter the arctic circle. A good guide will not only provide you with a run down of best practices for dressing appropriately before you arrive, but they will also be able to provide you with the adequate clothing upon arrival. Need more help deciding what to wear in Norway? Check out our article detailing exactly what to wear.


If you visit independently, food can often be a forgotten aspect of the Sami way of life. A guide is essential when it comes to experiencing the traditional Sami cuisine to it's fullest. Our guide introduced us to the deep meaning and natural connection to each meal while also introducing us to blood pancakes, reindeer heart, reindeer ribs, locally caught fresh fish and much more. So for all you foodies wanting to experience real Norwegian or Sami dishes, speak to your guide to see what they can offer you during your stay. Otherwise, you may find it difficult finding authentic meals.

Travel Advice BEFORE visiting the Sami

Thank you for following alongside our journey of Tribal visits, trips and nomadic discovery.
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