Question: is the funny sock for children? "You can achieve a lot with the funny sock."

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Devoid of any bias, Quote posits a position every month and lets the debate run along with a proponent and opponent. This time: isn't the sock with cheerful cartoon characters, fun colours or cartoonish prints a bit childish?

DISAGREE: Eduard Schaepman (62) Founder of office provider Tribes

Eduard thinks the funny sock is a potential network gun and has been wearing checkered suits for twelve years. "I have sixty. And always sponsors too, you know – otherwise it is of course impossible to pay for it.”

“My idea is as follows: if you want to be a good networker, you have to stand out. That's why I started wearing suspenders a long time ago. Until Jort Kelder started doing the same, then I stopped and started with my checkered suits. Twelve years ago no one wore them anymore, now you see almost every television presenter wearing them, so maybe I should stop doing that too. Anyway, it works. When I walk to a reception or drinks party, everyone knows where to find me, because among all those boring suits I'm the only one with a colorful jacket and trousers.”

“You can build a whole reputation around the funny sock.”

“You know who also claims their clothes extremely well? Cor van Zadelhoff, with his red socks, red hat, red ties. Well, that way you can also build a whole reputation around the funny sock. Personally, I didn't choose it because I've always said: the sock, it's too low. That is not noticeable enough. But of course it is possible.”

"If I become minister tomorrow, the colored suits will go out the door.”

“You have to think about it a bit in advance, and you have to be sure you can get away with it in your position. I can afford the plaid suit because I'm chief entertainment officer of Tribes. When I become a minister tomorrow, those suits have to go out the door, because then you shouldn't stand out. Just look what happens to Hugo de Jonge and his flower shoes: nobody accepts them. But as an entrepreneur you have complete freedom. So I would say: come up with a good story, and you can achieve an awful lot with the funny sock.”

Yvo van Regteren Altena (65) Is a taste connoisseur and Quote's former style preacher. Curious to know why his opinion is completely different? Check out the full article by Malu de Bont here.

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