What you need to know about our sustainable tea

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Looking for sustainable tea? Tribes is proudly partnered with Jones Brothers & Frank about tea meaning high quality, sustainably sourced coffee and tea daily.

What does this mean for members of Tribes?

We offer freelancers, startups and the business community an exclusive and sustainable tea in all our locations. So during your next visit to one of our inspiring locations, make sure to try some!

So how did Frank about tea start?

Like Jones Brothers Coffee, Frank about tea demonstrate exactly the type of X-Tribe entrepreneurial spirit we love at Tribes. Back in 2016, armed with just a motorcycle, founders of Frank about tea Valerie and David started searching the highlands of East Africa, looking for the best tea in the world, straight from the producers.

Where do they get their tea from?

Now featured on Forbes “30under30” for its innovative ways of taking on the age-old tea sector, Frank about tea sources, produces & packs the highest quality tea. They get their tea directly from producers in Sri Lanka and Kenya, shifting the greater value of the production to the countries of origin to benefit the local people and surrounding communities connected to the production process.

What does this mean for Tribes environmental impact as an office provider?

Frank about tea has been available in every Tribes location since 2019. By partnering with Frank about tea, Tribes continues to offer a full-service tea solution from one brand, with biodegradable tea bags on each floor, and beautiful loose-leaf teas at the Espresso Bar or in the meeting rooms. Thanks to the zero-waste principles, Tribes will save more than 500kg of paper, 1400kg of waste and 280kg of CO2 per year.

Interested in booking a meeting room?

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