Member in the Spotlight: Tabe Ydo

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Tabe Ydo is a creative entrepreneur and best-selling author from the Netherlands. In the past thirty years he has won several awards with his companies, but periods of heavy workload and stress led him to also deal with burnouts, bankruptcy and sessions with psychologists. He decided to escape the rat race once and for all and developed his own unique, life-changing method of living life; OneDay.

Tabe wrote a book on the OneDay method, based on ancient wisdom, scientific studies (from Harvard, Stanford and Yale) and personal experiences. It was published in September last year and quickly became a bestseller, helping readers to get the most out of their days and live their life to the maximum.

We are proud to count Tabe as one of our Tribes Members, and to welcome him as a special guest at the Grand Opening of our new location Amsterdam FOZ. We chatted with Tabe to learn more about his work.

Congratulations on becoming a best-selling Author! Can you give us a quick overview of the OneDay concept and how it can help people?

OneDay is that one day that positively changes all other days. It is a pragmatic, comprehensible method full of practical, everyday examples to help you to reprogram your day and start with a clean sheet. To get the most out of your precious days, to elevate your inner wellbeing, and to unleash the ‘happy chemicals’ in your body.

The OneDay method gives you the insight and the tools to take your life to the next level in one day; adding time to your life and life to your time. It helps you to discover your deep-seated desires, activate your inner powers and start to fulfil your ultimate dreams. By following the OneDay method, you can double the hours of your day, while you experience the highest state of awareness and satisfaction.

What is your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

I love being an entrepreneur as I am in charge of my time, and time is the most precious thing we have. It’s so limited and yet we give it away so easily to things that don't really matter to us. I always say that the ones who control their own time are true millionaires.

We love having you as part of our Tribes Community! How do you find being a Tribes Member?

The name Tribes is rooted in the history of social groups. And even though we all work for our own cause, at Tribes I feel that everybody belongs. I’ve met great people due to the fact that everybody at Tribes is very communicative. And that is not so common anymore!

Finally, what does the future hold for you and your business?

I am finishing my new book called Well Connected, which is due to be released in April 2023. It's a 7-day method which helps you to enrich the connection with yourself, others and the world, and it was developed with leading professors on Human Behaviour of Stanford university and Social Neuroscience of UCLA.

Thank you, Tabe!

If you would like to learn more about Tabe and the OneDay method, you can visit

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