The importance of music as a tool for health, hope and work.

The music we listen to is the Soundtrack of our lives.

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Music has, is and will continue to be a companion in our lives: when we are happy, when we are nostalgic, when we are working or on the way to work while biking. Music is present in many moments of our lives. With that being said, we'd like to take the chance to explore the importance of music in our daily lives!

In what ways does music benefit us?

  • It helps us to drain our feelings and emotions.
  • It can boost our immune system,
  • be used as a way to concentrate among other benefits.
  • It is a fact that music has an impact.

How does music continue to be a great tool for bringing people together?

  • At sporting events, national anthems bring entire countries together.
  • Concerts bring friends together for a night of fun.
  • During marches, protest songs instil a sense of common purpose.
  • In places of worship, hymns help to create a sense of belonging.
  • During courting, love songs can help potential spouses bond.
  • Lullabies aid in the development of secure relationships between parents and infants.

What's the science behind the benefits of music?

Let's see the Scientific explanation about this impact and its benefits. Music makes a difference to the Bliss Neurotransmitter Biologically, melodic sounds offer assistance to spur dopamine discharge within the compensation area of ​​the brain. Typically reflected in great humour, inclination, self-esteem and health.

Can music improve our working efficiency and our performance positively?

The answer is Yes! A ponder carried out in a British bank appeared that, when tuning in to enthusiastic music, the execution of specialists was 12.5% ​​higher than when they did not tune in to it.

What about the relationship between music and concentration?

It has appeared that tedious rhythms are not valuable, since they are exceptionally boring and the brain does not discover the modern start that creates it caution. Exceptionally complex and chaotic rhythms, like those of free jazz, don't work well either, since there's no characterized design and the brain does not calm down. Concurring to a few specialists, the key is to discover the centre ground.

Do you love music as much as we do?

If it is the case, we are thrilled to share with you as part of World Music Day our Spotify channel. Please, come and tune into our playlists! You will have songs for every moment you need!

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