Tribes introduces Webinar Rooms

Reach your stakeholders in a digital interactive environment

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Tribes announces today that it’s partnering with media technology company NEP to provide digital communication solutions in inspiring environments. Together with this strategic partner, Tribes has made it possible to, completely in Tribes style, inform, involve and inspire employees, stakeholders or other parties in a digital and especially interactive way.

1,5 meters society

As a result of the current crisis situation and the prospect of the 1,5 meters society, Tribes started looking for ways to provide their members in an important need: communication. Chief & Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman, realizes that with good and transparent communication, you can make the difference in these times. ‘It’s so important to be transparent nowadays. About the steps you make and are going to make, but also about issues where you haven’t got an answer for yet. Not only to your stakeholders, but also to your employees and clients. You should not use Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams for these matters, but professional communication tools. That’s why as of today, we’re offering this service together with NEP in the form of high-end boardroom studios combined with their interactive webinar and webcast solutions.

High-end studio setting

The partnership with NEP includes the complete unburdening of accurate (crisis) communication with good, secure techniques, so that as a speaker you’ll appear in a strong way and you can interact with your target audience. That’s why spacious, inspiring meeting rooms of Tribes are transformed to high-end boardrooms with a studio setting, suitable for organizing webcasts, webinars and shareholders’ meetings. The user of the room is technically supported by NEP, and on hospitality level by Tribes. The central control room- out of the control room at Media Park Hilversum- facilitates a completely personalized webinar platform, and can add slides, graphics, chat or poll functions at any desired moment to the stream in broadcast quality.

Ralf van Vegten, Managing Director NEP The Netherlands: ‘I’m happy that we’ve connected multiple A locations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam together with our strategic partner Tribes, so that the management or board members of organizations can reach their employees in a digital and especially interactive way via our secured online platform. In this way, we can serve our clients even better with our webcast and webinar solutions at several locations throughout the Netherlands.’

Powerful message

Schaepman emphasizes the influence of the techniques, that are used during a webinar or other digital communication forms, on your message: ‘when you’ve got an important message to tell, you want to prevent that the stream is malfunctioning, or that your PowerPoint doesn’t start on time. If this all goes well, you’ll have a strong appearance. The same counts for the environment: a corporate message lands very differently from a professional environment, then from your own living room. We’ve made this now possible with our Webinar Rooms.’

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