Tribes offers solution for companies that fear corona

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Tribes Inspiring Workplaces is today the first office operator to provide a solution for companies concerned about the consequences of the coronavirus after the outbreak. With a special arrangement that allows users of Tribes' workplaces to rotate in groups, a company can reduce the risk of staff outage/contamination.

Last week, Tribes already received a number of requests for temporary office space from large corporates, because they want to split up their workforce. If an employee then gets sick, the group that can be infected/needs to be isolated is much smaller, which reduces the risk for the entire company.

Tribes offers a solution by offering temporary space, in which the workplaces are not bound to one individual. With the new regulation, it doesn't matter who uses the workstation, so companies can for example rotate weekly in two or more groups. One week, team 1 works in their own office and team 2 at Tribes, and the next week the other way around. With multiple Tribes locations, it is easy to create multiple groups. Tribes recommends even splitting up all the departments into groups: if something happens, there’s always a part of the department that can keep going. Should a department still need to meet altogether, there are plenty of (digital) solutions available at Tribes.

Chief & Founder of Tribes, Eduard Schaepman understands what companies have to deal with: 'We understand the fear for the consequences of corona, we see what is happening in other countries where the virus has been for a longer period. We like to think along with companies and corporates in finding a suitable solution. The fact that we have to be fast and flexible is no problem: that is our strength’, says Schaepman.

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