Ancient Traditions, Modern Spaces: The Vibrant Opening Ceremonies of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces

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Tribes draws inspiration from the remaining 34 nomadic tribes that continue to exist in today's world. Each Tribes location pays homage to one of these tribes by incorporating their distinct colors and materials, thereby creating a unique atmosphere. This immersive experience transports visitors and occupants to an alternative world, while ensuring a consistent level of service that raises a sense of familiarity. At Tribes, you will find like-minded business nomads: a community of professionals with the same beliefs, interests, and habits, who go where work takes them. Together, they form the 35th tribe, finding comfort and a sense of belonging at Tribes.

With locations now established across three countries—Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany—each opening is inspired by the rituals of the corresponding hero tribe. From the powerful Haka of the Maori to the serene meditation practices of the Secoya, our spaces embrace and embody the traditions that shape these tribes. We invite you to watch our video below, showcasing the essence and spirit of each opening.

Watch the video!

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