Members of Parliament tested on entrepreneurship by Schaepman in BNR's The Entrepreneurs' Room

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Entrepreneur Eduard Schaepman goes in cooperation with BNR in search of entrepreneurship in the House of Representatives. He will talk to members of parliament with an Economic Affairs portfolio and ask critical questions, with which he will compile an 'entrepreneur passport' for each member of parliament.
In the new podcast Schaepman seeks an answer to questions such as: 'How enterprising are our MPs with the economic affairs portfolio?' and 'Is this important to be able to represent the entrepreneur properly? These and other questions are dealt with in the new podcast in which Schaepman puts the Dutch representatives to the entrepreneurial test.
Schaepman's interest in politics was kindled by his great uncle, Dr H.J.A.M. Schaepman: the first priest in the Lower House and founder of the RKSP (predecessor of the KVP, now CDA).
Eduard Schaepman on The Entrepreneurs' Chamber: 'I have been an entrepreneur myself for years, and when the Lower House was appointed in March, I was immediately curious to see how enterprising our new MPs are. I therefore think it is fantastic that I am being given the opportunity to speak to all the MPs in the Economic Affairs portfolio and to ask them about their views on entrepreneurs'.
Mireille van Ark, editor-in-chief of BNR Nieuwsradio: 'BNR is the news radio station for entrepreneurs. We're thrilled that Eduard is making this programme with us. I'm looking forward to this beautiful, critical series.
15 political top guests
The series consists of fifteen parts and the guests are Thierry Aartsen (VVD), Thierry Baudet (FVD), Wybren van Haga (Groep Van Haga), Romke de Jong (D66), Lammert van Raan (PvdD), Pieter Grinwis (ChristenUnie), Caroline van der Plas (BBB), Tom van der Lee (GroenLinks), Liane den Haan (Den Haan), Chris Stoffer (SGP), Laurens Dassen (Volt) , Farid Azarkan (DENK) , Dion Graus (PVV) , Mustafa Amhaouch (CDA) and Gijs van Dijk (PVDA).
The entrepreneurial passports will be broadcast daily from Monday 2 August in BNR Ochtendspits (from 06.00 to 10.00).
The complete conversations can be listened to as a podcast via, among others, Spotify, Apple Podcast or the BNR app.
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