What is Social Media Giving Day and how can your business use it?

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What is Social Media Giving Day?

On July 15th, there is an internet holiday called Social Media Giving Day. It all started with Givver.com, a website devoted to Twitter fundraising, launched in 2013. Chris Sommers developed the St. Louis-based technology platform, which focuses on not-for-profit organizations. Its main objective is to persuade users of social networks, particularly Twitter, to make donations.

Social media has been widely used as a platform during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the populace in need of assistance and financial support. Givver.com's straightforward endeavour is benefiting a lot of people.

57 percent of traffic to fundraising campaign pages originates from social media, according to a Classy poll, even though giving directly on platforms is still insufficient when compared to more conventional giving options. This implies that even while you might not notice charitable donations arriving directly from these sites, they continue to be quite essential.

How to take part in Social Media Giving Day?

Giving with Givver is easy. To donate, all you need to do is sign up and tweet. The hashtag #give, the Twitter username of the organization you wish to support, and the amount of money you are prepared to donate must all be included in your tweet. A variety of non-profit, educational, and political organizations can be supported through Givver. Givver organizations are multiplying all the time.

What can this do for my business?

This day can be utilized by nearly all types of businesses. NGOs can utilise this marketing holiday to attract more support for their own campaign, which may coincide with this special date. For more corporate-leaning businesses, days like this can be used to demonstrate the causes outside your primary business that are important to you and your team. For businesses with strong community links, this can be a great way to reach out to your local customer base. Given the current cost of living crisis, alongside the Ukraine war which has seen millions displaced, we would like to challenge our members, friends and partners to get creative with their own charitable ideas.

10 Charitable event ideas for Social Media Giving Day

  1. Giveaways - Nothing better than giving for free to help those in need
  2. Bake Sale - Show off your lockdown skills while making
  3. Car Wash - Clean up for charity
  4. Dance Marathon - Dance for as long as possible for charity!
  5. Marathon
  6. Photo Contest - ask customers, staff and management to get involved/
  7. Music event with a cause
  8. Art auction
  9. Casino. night
  10. Talent show

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