Who are the X-Tribe?

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The X-Tribe is a diverse group of people bound together by a common rebellious spirit and a desire to change the world. These creatives, who come from a variety of backgrounds and age groups, want to positively disrupt the system and have a long-lasting effect on the world. They are the 35th Tribe; the business nomads.

Members of the X-Tribe are characterized by their contemporary personalities and inspiring characters, and they can be found worldwide, often congregating in cities like Amsterdam, New York, Paris, London, and Berlin. From Albert Einstein to Mohammed Ali, Johan Cruyff to Amy Winehouse, they are all linked by their courage and their persistence.

The X-Tribers are always innovating and appreciating the lessons learned from history because they live at the intersection of the past and the future. They combine cutting-edge technology with classic components to create the best of both worlds.

A Modern Collective

Despite their reliance on technology, X-Tribers understand the importance of personal contact. In busy moments, they prioritize face-to-face interactions, and they value spaces where they can meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, and get inspired.

While diverse in appearance and character, X-Tribers share a common thread – a positive rebellion against the established order. They speak their minds with sincerity, sometimes appearing straightforward, but always with the right intentions. The X-Tribe knows that progress requires acknowledging both the past and the present, seamlessly blending traditional elements with the latest advancements for a harmonious coexistence.

Business and Innovation

Tribes work without any borders, they travel a lot and are always reachable. Therefore, they are no longer searching for a balance between work and home; they know that they can work anywhere and they’ll go where the business takes them.

X-Tribers work for themselves, not for a boss. They are looking for opportunities to grow, to develop, to innovate and to achieve their ideals. Often, X-Tribers are inspiring leaders, in which they want to improve the world with their contemporary personalities.

X-Tribers want to have their own positive footprint on the world. Their ideals are often related to breaking conventions or even taboos, improving the world or improving themselves. Relevant elements of the ‘change your tomorrow’ mentality are perseverance, courage and a positive, fresh mindset.

Visit Us and Learn More!

Did you know that our Tribes Amsterdam South Axis ITO location is inspired by the X-Tribe? While our other locations are influenced by indigenous tribes from around the world, ITO reflects the ethos of our own contemporary tribe. Visit us to learn more!

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