Working inspiration: What can we learn from the Nenet Tribe?

Tribal tips for maximising your working potential

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But first...who are the Nenets Tribe?

The Nenets (loosely meaning 'people') are a community from Siberia, who live on the Jamal. Known for their special relationship with the Reindeer, their survival skills and more importantly, their ongoing battle with Climate Change - it's never been a more important time to discuss this inspiring community.

What makes the Nenets Tribe so special?

From organization to determination, this Tribe is special for its unique ability to overcome adverse environmental challenges. As highlighted by the BBC, the Nenets will often be seen chilling outside with tea and biscuits before they undergo their subzero migration. Minority Rights highlights the Nenets strong ability to adapt to surroundings as a uniquely special trait. This community will make water from snow, houses (more commonly known as chums) from reindeer skins and are particularly competent using sleds. So what else can we learn from the Nenets?

1. Stronger together.

One of the most remarkable things about this tribe is their talent for a special type of coworking, especially with their animals. The Nenets have a unique arrangement with the reindeer to ensure survival. So strong is their bond, the Nenets can recognize an individual reindeer in a herd of thousands! In exchange for transport, food, and labour, the nenets vow to protect the animal with their life. Not a bad deal! We encourage our members to take the same attitude, by building lasting meaningful collaborations built on common goals.

2. Travel is the KEY to success.

Here at Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, we believe that the mind needs to travel to be creative. The Nenets Tribe is no different, travelling multiple times a year to keep spirits high! The Nenets don't recognise the weekend, and will continue their travels regardless. Writers block? Seek a change of scenery to encourage new ideas! You'll be surprised what results this can yield!

3. Be weatherproof.

It won't surprise anyone that work absences actually increase during rainy or cold months. But next time you fancy a sick day because you don't like the weather, just remember the Nenets can face up to -50°C! The environmental challenges faced by the Nenets actually unites their community and ultimately ensures their survival.

Why do we know so much about the Nenets Tribe?

We have an entire building inspired by their incredible community! The Nenets lifelong dedication to training and knowledge yields unrivalled expertise. Tribes Düsseldorf GAP features interior design that injects that extra layer of inspiration to your workday.

Interested in learning more about the Nenets Tribe? Why not book a free inspiring visit of our Düsseldorf GAP location to see how the Nenets can help motivate your working day? Alternatively, rent one of our meeting rooms for the day to inspire your next big business presentation!

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