World Typing Day

World Typing Day is held annually on January 8th.

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The purpose of the day is to:

-Celebrate the advantages of typing

-Emphasize the value of honing one's typing skills

-Inspire people to communicate via written communication

During this day, typing contests are often held for people to compete and show off their typing skills.


The origins of typing can be traced all the way back to the earliest mechanical typewriters. Francesco Rampazetto, an Italian printer, created the earliest keyboard that is known to exist around 1575. Many well-known writers of the late 1800s utilized the typewriter to produce their manuscripts, and office personnel found the typewriter to be a crucial instrument for writing and communicating.

Typewriters evolved over time, becoming lighter, more portable, simpler to operate, and allowing faster and more accurate typing. A new age of typing began in the 1970s with the introduction of the personal computer.


Technology innovations contributed to significant changes in the way we type. Early typewriters were sluggish and bulky, and mistakes were simple to make.

Typing has become more streamlined and more simple than ever before, thanks to word processing software and word prediction algorithms which allow us to type considerably quicker and with more accuracy.

Some people can type very fast. In fact, the fastest typist in the world typed 216 words per minute!

Many people make the error of believing that in order to be effective, they must type as rapid

ly as possible. But in the long term, this might actually slow writers down as it can lead to frequent mistakes.

Here are a few tips for increasing your typing speed:

-Use all of your fingers

-Find a comfortable position

-Keep your eyes on the screen

-Use shortcuts

-Practice regularly

There are plenty of free typing games and exercises online. No matter what your level of expertise, typing games and exercises are a fun way to improve your skills. So get started today and see how fast your fingers can fly!

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