House Rules

Article 1 - HOUSE RULES
The provisions of the current house rules, as provided in the service contract, relate to all members, both residents and visitors, who are located in the areas of the Tribes center.

Access to the offices is normally restricted to the hours displayed in each location of Tribes (Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays). The member is allowed to enter their office outside the working hours. In this case, the member must respect the safety measures and ensure that all doors are closed. Tribes has the right to make changes regarding the availability of services with a notification period of one month. For confidentiality reasons, no list can be displayed with all the names of companies at the request of a member. Sending or submitting advertisements for all clients of the center is only possible with prior permission from the management. Tribes will provide the number of access badges equal to the number of desks in the office. Any additional access badge will be provided at a cost of € 30 per badge. Any loss of badges should be reported directly to the center management. The replacement of a badge will be at the cost of € 30 per badge. The member will not hand out any access badge to a different person other than the person registered with Tribes.

Article 3 - USE OF THE AREAS The member commits:

  • To maintain the provided area in the same condition as upon arrival.
  • To keep the office tidy during the term of the contract.
  • Not to rehouse, make modifications to wiring, or drill holes in the walls in the space provided without the written permission of the management of the center.
  • Not to make changes to the electricity, telephony, or other systems without the express permission of the management of the center. All changes take place under the responsibility of and are made by the center, this may entail additional costs.
  • To restore the office to its original state at the end of the contract term. Tribes will charge a compensation for exit repair and exit cleaning cost in order to leave the office in original state. If improvement activities are required to be able to comply with it, this will be at the expense of the member and will be completed by people as indicated by the center. The Local manager will provide you with the cost.
  • Not to use the provided area as storage or equip the area with inflammable products, toxic or perishable goods, except if there is written permission of the management of the center. The member agrees to the following:

To watch over the tranquility in the center and to not disturb this in any way by

themself, their employees, staff, or members. It is not permitted to use (too loud) radios or other equipment that might disturb the other members in the provided areas.

  • To meet the requirements of the building for the good order and cleanliness, not using dangerous or noisy devices included.
  • To provide access to the staff of the center whenever they deem it necessary.
  • To respect the rules of the co-owners of the building.
  • To permit maintenance of the office to retain the initial state. In other words, if the tenant has made such damage to the furniture, walls, doors, windows, carpet, which go beyond the normal use, the tenant will bear the cost to repair it.
  • To pay all taxes related to the exercise of its activities for the financial health of his business in due time.
  • Not to install coffee machines, fridges, heaters, etc. in their office as the center is equipped with common equipment.
  • Not to bring animals in the center (these are strictly prohibited).
  • In case of delivery of mail or packages, Tribes can in no way be held responsible and liable for any theft, damage, or loss even if Tribes has signed for receipt. The member is strongly required to only have business-related mail/packages delivered to the Tribes location. Article 4 - FURNITURE
    The offices are provided with furniture. An inventory and the original condition of the office will be drawn up in an inventory list. On the moving-in day, this will be reviewed and then signed by both parties. If no signature is put, the tenant will be deemed to agree to the established inventory. It is prohibited for the member to bring in any office equipment (except with written consent) other than a computer. The installation of fax machines, photocopiers, franking machines, etc. in the offices and/or common areas is forbidden without the written permission of the management of the center. The member cannot claim compensation unless this is authorized in writing by the management of the Tribes center. Article 5 – VISIBILITY
    The possibilities for visibility internal and/or external depend also on the local agreements with the building owner. For any requirement on solutions regarding company logo’s, please discuss with the local manager. The member can only place a company logo at the reception or on the walls/doors facing the corridors after approval of the local manager. Article 6 – PHONE/INTERNET
    Members are prompted to answer incoming calls, incoming through the reception, in short order to ensure the smooth running of the incoming calls for the common good. If the member is unable to answer the telephone quickly, the Tribes Host(ess) will be forced to forward the call or to take a message and send this to the member. The Tribes Host(ess) can be contacted for all service-related questions through the inside line. The Tribes center remains the owner of the provided telephone (equipment and phone number), the member is the only user of this number. The calls are passed on to the member under the current rate. Without written consent, the member cannot use the phone number in ads (recruitments, announcements), to avoid a possible saturation of the incoming calls, this in the interests of the center and its

members. An additional number can always be provided for such actions, but this will always be in consultation with the management. This request will be examined case by case
and the capabilities in our planning will be reviewed. All telephony in the Tribes center is provided only by Tribes Telecom, external lines cannot be installed without the prior written consent of the Tribes location. Usage of Telephone and/or internet is based on fair use. In the event the member has excessive usage Tribes will provide data and has the right to charge additional services at extra cost to the member. Tribes will inform the member upfront and provide and provide data on the usage and a proposal of the cost for a solution.

Article 7 – CLEANING
The offices are usually cleaned daily. The Tribes management is not responsible for any interruption of this service by our supplier. This supplier has been given clear guidelines regarding the cleaning schedule. Our cleaning service is not allowed to clean offices that are manned at the time of cleaning, so our members will not be interrupted unless explicit permission has been given by our members. We are not responsible for the loss of any documents by our cleaning service, although they have been given instructions not to touch any documents while cleaning. The management of the Tribes center wishes to maintain the offices in good condition. Any additional cleaning required can be provided upon request by the member to the center team and will be charged to the member.

Article 8 – PARKING
If the Tribes center can offer parking lots, external or internal, it should be registered in the agreement that the member is entitled to rent a parking space. The parking lot can only be used to park a car and should, by no means, be used to carry out any activity or to stock items. The tenant or user of the parking lot will ensure no jerrycans of petrol, other fuels, or flammable liquids will be stored in the car or the garage. The member states that the parked vehicle is insured against fire, explosions, theft, and all other possible damages, this at an approved solvent.

Article 9 – EMPLOYEES
The member may not employ more staff than set provided in the area by the Tribes center unless there is a written agreement of the management of the Tribes center. It is forbidden to organize seminars in the offices to avoid any nuisance from other members. Meeting rooms, that allow any relevant activity without disruption, can be rented for seminars or larger meetings at all times. The Tribes management declines any responsibility regarding the receipt, distribution, and content of the received, distributed, and allowable opened mail. This mail is sent to any authorized employee. The Tribes management also disclaims any responsibility for any reaction of a member to the received mail and its contents. It is also true that each member must, themself, indemnify potential electrical malfunction and the damage that this fault could cause, whatever the reason for this failure. The Tribes management disclaims any liability for theft, loss, or the identification of missing cases from the area which was made available to the member. It is the full responsibility of the member to ensure that the office is closed when leaving the area. The member wears continuous care for their

documents, objects, or valuable items that are present in the office of the member. The member refrains from the recruitment of a Tribes Service Member in any manner, under penalty of one year's salary of the employee.

Article 10 – INSURANCE

The member is solely responsible for taking insurance for all its material and office arrangements. The insurance of the Tribes center only covers the common parts of the Tribes location and on no account all personal belongings of the members.

Tribes House Rules January 2022