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The  history  of  a  new  era  in  flexible  workplaces 


Once upon a time...

In the past, flexible offices were, well, there is no other way to put it, dull and boring. Desks placed in white cubes, with a computer and a chair, were called ‘an office’. And maybe, if you were lucky, there was a painting on the wall. It all began when Eduard Schaepman and Jasper Bekkering walked into these cubes. The duo felt the same: this can be done differently. At the time they didn’t knew, but this was the start of a whole new flexible offices era.

Inspired by the past of his own nomadic family, Eduard dove into nomadic behavior. He learned about indigenous nomadic tribes, and wanted to share their wisdom and beauty with the world. They combined it with a great place to work, and that's how Tribes Inspiring Workplaces was born: a place where Business Nomads can work, meet and connect in an inspiring environment. Wherever the business takes them. Ever since, Jasper and Eduard have passed several milestones: follow their journey! 


February 2015

The Tribes concept was launched and the world learnt about our inspiring workplaces for the first time!

First location

May 2015

On May 21st, the very first Tribes location was opened in Eindhoven. From that day on, the Masai inspired a lot of business nomads during their work! 

Beach office

August 2015

The mind needs to travel to be creative... So Tribes built an office at the beach in Knokke, Belgium. Complete with everything you need to work: WiFi, plug&play ICT, cocktails... 

Tribes goes to Belgium

December 2015

Tribes opened the first location abroad! Tribes Brussels City Centre was opened on the Avenue Louise, and Chief Eduard arrived per reindeer.

Best National Flexible Workplace

December 2015

Tribes won the award for 'Best National Flexible Workplace'! Our concept was overall rated 5 starts, with the best services, the greatest coffee and off course the most inspiring atmosphere!


September 2016

Another milestone: we've opened our first location in the Dutch Capital city in 2016. Many will follow...

Best National Flexible Workspace 

December 2017

Tribes was voted 'Best National Flexible Workplace' again! Being a winner two times in a row (there was no 2016 edition) must mean something, right?

Tribes goes to Germany

February 2018

The first German Tribes location was opened in Dusseldorf, on the Graf-Adolf-Platz. 

What's next?


No one knows, but one thing is for sure: Jasper and Eduard will build a worldwide network of Tribes locations!

190305 The story of Eduard Schaepman (720p)



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Chief Eduards search for his family
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