Blue Monday: not at Tribes

Eduard Schaepman
17 Jan 2019

Blue Monday: not at Tribes

by Eduard Schaepman, on 17 Jan 2019

Monday 21 January it's that day again: Blue Monday. It is supposed to be the most depressed Monday of the year. The father of Blue Monday is the British psychologist Cliff Arnall, who realized in 2005 that this Monday in January is the day when most people feel sad, dejected or melancholy. Usually because of failed New Years’ resolutions, holidays that seem far away, the still dark days, and then there’s the fact that Monday is the first day of a new work week.


Probably there are some people who really suffer from all those factors, but I think it's mostly a nice marketing term. The Heinekens, Coolblue’s and KLM’s from this world can go crazy, and they often have awesome newsjackers on social media. We found something nice ourselves as well, because who is talking about Blue Monday if you have a Blue Card? You can decide for yourself where you want to work with your 10-ride ticket, and if you feel a bit ‘blue’ on one location, you can continue to the next one. But, that’s possible every day of the year!


In any case, at Tribes it won't be a Blue Monday at all. This weekend our annual Tribes New Year Conference will take place. A team meeting where all employees from all countries come together and where we look back on the past year and set out the plans for the coming year. Of course we will make it a party, we will go into nature together, in the evening we will make it a (dressed up) party and have a good meal and drink. Of course we will go through all the areas for the next year, business development, finance, marketing, operations and sales, but of all things everyone is looking forward to the most is: he Awards... We are of course very grateful for everyone's efforts, but who stood out in 2018 and will get such a coveted prize...?


You will probably see it on Monday at the happy faces (or maybe a bit tired faces because the Tribes family knows all too well how to make a party), but this weekend will be unforgettable. Those who walk around with an extra big smile are probably in possession of such a nice price... and next week they will also get an online stage!


PS: would you like to buy a Blue Card, with which you can work 10 times on a location of your choice, and use it immediately on Blue Monday? Order it here!

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