Eduard Schaepman
12 Apr 2018


by Eduard Schaepman, on 12 Apr 2018

This week, the SAN Accent jury rounds are held at the South Axis, at Tribes Amsterdam ITO. For two weeks, nominees for the SAN Accent, the only communication industry award from, for and by Advertisers, will defend their case before a ten-membered jury. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to register for the same category twice, otherwise I’m sure I would be pitching myself as well. Two years ago, it was my turn, and it was a great experience. But, this year, we have been selected for the shortlist of the Global Meetup 2018 Wildcard! First at the national level in the Honorary Division, and now we're going for the Champions League in Portugal! Can we count on your vote? Votes can be accessed via:!


But this year I'm experiencing the SAN Accent from ‘the other side’. It is great to see all those pitching parties coming in, all very nervous with sometimes a little smile. It’s funny to see the relief after they’ve pitched, and it’s only by then that they realize where they are. Some have time for a little chat and that’s how I have walked many people around the location already. Meanwhile, the slogans go back and forth, and with so many creative people, you can only wait until one of them comes up with the well-known ‘good ideas start with good coffee’, when they get theirs. And since I am there already, I do have some time for a nice discussion J


Mr. Egberts is right; a good cup of coffee can work wonders. But as far as I'm concerned, a good idea doesn't start with a coffee. You guessed it: good ideas start with a good workplace. A comfortable chair, no matter how simple it might look, is a very important factor. Because when you start counting, you’ll notice that you certainly spend more than 40 hours a week at your office! The location itself must be good and easy to reach, you want a nicely decorated office, an adjustable temperature and when there’s even a service team waiting for you, you’re completely satisfied. You don't want to worry about very simple things, but which are o-so time consuming, such as cleaning, toilet paper and coffee beans. And those 'simple things', are actually part of the basic needs of a workplace. In other words, if you don't have these things, your workplace won’t make you happy, and not even an adjustable temperature or a good view can change that feeling. You just want it to be clean, and you want to be able to start your morning with a nice cup of coffee.


And when you walk with that steaming mug in your hands, through an inspiring location with nomadic tribes all over the place, the good ideas will come. So yes, I understand Mr. Egberts' reasoning, but he just skips a part. It doesn't matter, we all understood him, and we all remember the sentence. ‘Well, I can only agree with you’, says the creative person who has been listening to my speech.


And we provide really good coffee by training our hostesses to become real baristas, who will prepare a delicious cup for you with passion and love. Whether they can make your cocoa portraits on the cappuccino by now, I have to ask them. But I'm sure they like to make an effort, or else a nice heart or flower will come out of the cocoa.


Would you like to taste a cup of coffee and decide for yourself whether it meets your basic needs? Mail or call 0800 22 55 874 for a tour through one of our locations!


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