How healthy is Lucas Paanakker?

Eduard Schaepman
11 Mar 2021

How healthy is Lucas Paanakker?

by Eduard Schaepman, on 11 Mar 2021

This week I am talking to Lucas Paanakker, an old friend of mine. He was born in Limburg and last year he completed his specialization in Business Medicine. He comes from a family of doctors, and after 12 years of study, including 8 years of medicine and 4 years to specialize, he is now active as a company doctor. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in the medical world, having worked in Suriname and Curaçao, among other places, and has been active in drug research for many years (e.g. asthma research).

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Stress and meditation

As a company doctor, he knows better than anyone the importance of health and the prevention of illnesses and stress. His focus is not on treatment, but on a healthy work environment so that people can continue to function as well as possible. The stress factor among office workers is often higher - at least towards 40% - partly due to the fear of failing to meet targets, but also due to personal performance pressure. A little stress is healthy, says Lucas. After all, we used to need it to run away from wild animals or to act quickly in other stressful situations. However, experiencing stress or uncertainty all day because you are afraid of losing your job is unhealthy. Precisely at those moments it is important to think about your health, and include a moment of reflection - through meditation for example.


Overweight and exercise

Obesity is also a major problem; half of the Dutch suffer from this issue - with all its consequences. Lucas emphasises again how important it is to exercise. He himself makes sure that he gets about 60 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week. He plays golf, hockey, has an exercise routine, and if there is natural ice, he easily skates for a couple of hours. Nutrition also has an important impact, which is why Lucas has been taking in fewer carbohydrates in recent years. Instead of a sandwich with a fried egg and cheese, he now takes a fried egg and cheese - a smart solution to easily limit his carbohydrate intake!

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Vitamin C & D

We're talking about supplements, which is also the subject of his advice. It turns out that many Dutch people suffer from a shortage of vitamin D and C, but that the instructions on the jars are not always relevant either. He therefore advises us to take 1600 I.U. (international units) of vitamin D in the winter months, and 1000mg of vitamin C. He follows this advice himself, and is pleased that more and more attention is now being paid to our immune system.


Health & happiness an 8

He gives his health an 8, the last two points being food and drink (occasional sins are allowed), and the frequency of his meditation (unfortunately he is not able to do this every day). He also gives his happiness an 8, and with a laugh he adds 'I'm not that generous with 10s'.


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