Meet our Member: Maikel Stabij

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22 Feb 2019

Meet our Member: Maikel Stabij

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 22 Feb 2019

Windows reaching to the ceiling. Art and design, wherever you look. Delfts Blue hotel rooms with a classic atmosphere and a touch of Dutch history. These are characteristics of Dutch Design Hotel Artemis and hotel Die Port van Cleve in Amsterdam, both part of Aeon Plaza Hotels. Maikel Stabij, General Manager of the holding company, tells us all about Aeon Plaza Hotels and the third, very special hotel that will soon be listed: Hotel Breeze Amsterdam.

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Aeon Plaza Hotels: Who, What, Where?
Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, together with Die Port van Cleve and the brand new hotel Hotel Breeze Amsterdam, forms part of the holding Aeon Plaza Hotels. Aeon Plaza Hotels stands for hospitality in a special ambiance. Hotel Die Port van Cleve, which is located in the heart of Amsterdam, has a classic style in which Dutch history is key. Maikel: "Thanks to the AAA location and the style of this hotel, it is super attractive for tourists. Since the 1990s, this hotel has been part of Aeon Plaza Hotels and is still immensely popular among tourists. It used to be Heineken's brewery. That is still tangible and visible, and something we are proud of". The hotel has 122 rooms decorated with Delfts blue, but each has its own character. Die Port van Cleve is also the place to be for business meetings. The Dutch Design Hotel Artemis has a totally different look and feel, which stands for luxury, art, design, fashion and comfort. This hotel has a modern style. All 256 design hotel rooms are comfortable and the public areas are equipped with ever-changing modern art. Maikel: " There are various art hotels, but not like ours. We are a platform for beginning artists. Every three to four months we change themes. This theme is reflected in visual art throughout the hotel, but also in our clothing and the menu. When you come back after your first stay, you will be in a totally new environment again". When we look out the window we can see the hotel. We notice how nice it is that you can look at the hotel from your office. Maikel: "That's definitely nice! Even though we would have preferred to work from the offices of the hotel itself. But that's no longer possible. Our company has grown so fast, there were not enough offices left.

Hotel Breeze Amsterdam: Zero Energy Hotel
That Aeon Plaza Hotels has grown so fast, we can say, having regard to the new hotel. Hotel Breeze Amsterdam, which has 195 rooms, will welcome its first guests from April this year. The hotel will be located on IJburg. Maikel: "It is an incredibly cool location: on the IJsselmeer and with a view of Amsterdam's sky-line. Actually inconceivable that we are the first hotel there. But we like to go off the beaten track". We had already experienced it and it turns out to be even more so when Maikel tells us about the new very special hotel. Maikel: "Hotel Breeze Amsterdam will be the very first Zero Energy hotel in the world. With existing and the latest innovative techniques we make it possible to be totally self-sufficient. By using the natural elements of our nature; earth, water, fire and wind, we have succeeded in creating a completely energy neutral hotel. We use solar energy, wind energy and underground heat/cold (water) storage (WKO). Green Luxury is our motto. This green experience is not only found in the special technology of the building itself, but is also reflected in the interior throughout the hotel from the entrance and restaurant with terrace, to the Sky-Bar and the hotel rooms".

Business nomad Maikel
From trainee to general manager, and many positions between them. Maikel has been working at Aeon Plaza Hotels for 19 years. He enjoyed his development within the holding company - or, as he puts it so beautifully himself, grew up. Maikel: "I started 19 years ago as a finance intern, and as a part-time job alongside my studies I was a doorman. I moved on to become a logistics employee, was responsible for the supply of purchasing, later worked as an administrative employee, grew to become a Financial Controller and later Director of Finance. I have been General Manager since January 2016. Colleagues often seek their growth elsewhere, and that's how it works in the hotel business. Yet you see many people coming back to us. Because just as has been the case with me, there is always room for growth here. Because I myself have held so many different positions within Aeon Plaza Hotels, I don't think I am a typical leader. I always try to be among people and I want to keep the distance small. I like to have lunch with various departments, also to tell my story and hopefully inspire people".

Aeon Plaza Hotels & Tribes
Only since a few weeks Maikel and his team are part of the Tribes community and we ask how he likes it. "It's great that we got here so quickly. We really appreciate the flexibility Tribes offers. We started with 2 offices but are already going to expand to 3 offices. It's nice that it's so close to the hotel and the accessibility is great!

We have become very interested in the hotels of Aeon Plaza Hotels, and are super curious about the new hotel! Check out the websites of the hotels below and become as curious as we are!

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