My Tribal Internship - Aran Derks

Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
7 Jun 2019

My Tribal Internship - Aran Derks

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 7 Jun 2019

aran-sqThe most interesting and exciting moment of my studies Business Innovation in Amsterdam was coming up: doing an internship. It’s an opportunity to gain experience in the business world, to see how things are really going. After some research I ended up at Tribes Inspiring Workplaces. I was fascinated by the stories and information I could find, especially all the movies! In one of them, you can see the opening of the MAORI tribe location by means of a Haka. The Haka is performed in a suit and led by Chief Eduard Schaepman himself. After seeing this, I really wanted to do my internship at Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, and after an interview I luckily received the message that I could!

Healthy tension

The very first day had arrived, and with a lot of healthy tension I took the train to the HAMAR tribe, in the Tribes location Utrecht Central Station. As a ‘goremsa’ (youngest/junior) I walked in and was kindly greeted by the hostesses and started my day with a good conversation and a cup of coffee with Eline (my supervisor) at the Tribal table, the amazing large, and always round table. We talked about my introduction period and what my next 20 weeks would like as an intern.


Introduction period

After receiving my welcome pack full of all Tribes merchandise, it was time to meet my colleagues. Each department came to introduce itself, with a presentation or just a short word. But everyone also introduced themselves personally, so that you can get to know everyone quickly. I soon felt welcome and part of the Tribes team and I learned more about my tasks at the Marketing department.


Tribes makes sense

Almost at the end of my internship I really feel at home. Shortly after my introduction, everything started to fall into place, and today the name ‘Tribes’ makes more sense than ever before. It feels like a tribe, one group connected to other groups with something in common. Business nomads who are more alike nomadic people than you could ever imagine. And it's really awesome to learn more about the nomadic tribes and their cultures and to actually find the similarities between the different locations. It brings a breath of fresh air through the standard office life. Being busy with your daily work and still being able to link or compare it with those ancient tribes. It makes you think; how special such a tribe is and what kind of life you lead yourself. 


I've been to a number of different Tribes locations now, so it's great to see how different locations are linked to different tribes, but how everything still feels the same. I hope to see as many locations as possible in my time at Tribes, which is just a few weeks now.

Diverse tasks

LUC-RoséWhat I like most about my internship: not one day is the same. Every day I get new tasks and responsibilities, making it possible to learn new things every day and to gain a lot of experience. It's also fun that I can use my own experience already to learn the Tribes Marketing department something: I know a little about merchandise and branding from my own rosé brand LUC Rosé!