International Coworking Day 2022

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Today is a day to celebrate!

International Coworking Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate the milestones of an industry that has grown over a short period and has changed how we work.

Curious minds are enquiring about the choice of this date.

International Coworking Day is celebrated on August 9 every year since software programmer Brad Neuberg wrote about his coworking space in the Spiral Muse for the first time in 2005 in his blog Coding in Paradise.

Coworking was for him “free spirits to come together in community” and work. “Sitting at tables or relaxing on couches as we do our work” was how Neuberg simply put it.

He invited different developers to collaborate two days a week at the San Francisco feminist space Spiral Muse, and it was a rapid success!

He created the term “coworking” which has since spread throughout the globe. His enthusiasm and conviction for his projects, encouraged others to adopt the term and the concept. This is how coworking gained popularity.

Facts about coworking

Most people who choose a coworking space claim to be more productive and more able to focus. Every coworking space is designed to encourage communication and collaboration, with open-plan desks and chill-out spaces where members can create new connections.

In a coworking environment, employees are happy and healthy. Sharing a workspace goes a significant way to reducing loneliness and stress. Say goodbye to the vending machine, coworking spaces give access to facilities with healthy and fresh food. Click here for more facts about coworking.
Today, we organize our lives online! We order food online, and we even find love online! Our work is going digital too, so what are you waiting for? Join us in one of our locations! Let’s embrace this day!

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