10 Ways Coworking Benefits Business

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Covid-19 massively increased the amount of people working from home, however not everyone enjoyed this experience, many were yearning to return to the office. In this article, we'll cover the main benefits of coworking spaces for businesses and the advantages of implementing a hybrid work model today!

1. Reduced cost to the employer.

From the business perspective, there is no doubt that flexible workspaces have offered more ways for employers to save money. Shorter rental periods in comparison to conventional long leases means flexibility and lower operating costs. Implementing a hybrid working model allows for minimal expenditure with electricity, internet connection, cleaning and other costs being taken care of. All that's left to do is worry about how you can utilize every square metre.

2. Improved work-life balance.

The growth of hybrid working means employees can work flexibly. A mixture of shared spaces, private spaces and working from home is now commonplace industry to industry. Put simply, employees gain time for work and for leisure. Start attracting new talent by offering these advantageous working arrangements.

3. Better environmental impact.

Beside saving time and resources, working for a coworking spaces helps to reduce our environmental impact. Coworking spaces are situated all over major cities, meaning CO2 emissions can be reduced by booking spaces closer to employees homes, eradicating the commute. Shared spaces bring with it shared amenities, reducing overconsumption and waste of energy – something especially important during the current cost of living crisis.

4. Improved efficiency

Anyone who has worked from home will agree that the biggest issue is the enormous quantity of distractions. Home-related interruptions both important or irrelevant threatens focus. A private office for your employees a few days a week will provide a distraction-free environment, separating work and home life. Remember, coworking spaces offer surprisingly good levels of privacy as a cheaper alternative!

5. More networking opportunities.

You can't network as effectively from behind a screen. As part of a coworking community, members are provided with opportunities to network and connect with diverse talent. Across our network, lawyers share the same spaces as graphic designers, creative agencies and more. The proximity to diverse companies and entrepreneurs means collaborative opportunities are everywhere. Before choosing your coworking space or flexible workspace provider, check to see what other companies share these spaces. This one check could in-turn lead to meaningful partnerships which take your business to a new level!

6. Extra facilities are included.

Coworking spaces not only provide a location to work, but they also come with a range of extra facilities and services. Conference and meeting rooms down the hallway are often available on demand. Administrative work can be outsourced with a virtual office, which includes delivery and mail sorting. With nearby facilities to support your lifestyle, your ability to balance work and personal life improves.

7. Increased creativity through travel.

Over the last decade, coworking spaces have allowed everyone to really work like a nomad! As technology improves, we become more remote and independent in how we conduct business. Business takes place from all over the world and companies who facilitate a fluid and hybrid working model often gain the added benefit of increased levels of creativity, as highlight by Vogue. New research by the Indiana University seems to suggest a connection between travel and increased creativity levels.

8. Free tea & coffee daily.

We don't know about you, but most work days start with a good cup of coffee or tea! Free tea and coffee is slowly starting to become a staple across the flexible work industry, and this is something you'll see at every Tribes location. We have partnered with Frank about tea and Jones Brothers Coffee to ensure all of our members and guests are sufficiently caffeinated or decaffeinated. Even better, each tea is linked to a specific trait, mood or mindset; from refreshing Green Rose Tea to focused Earl Grey.

9. Benefit from a Professional Address.

Coworking spaces are located in the centre of a city, near public transportation and restaurants, and provide members with a convenient area to work from. As a business owner, working from home or a café will not provide the best impression to potential clients.

10. Ability to diversify your work routine.

A shared workspace allows you to move around more freely to locate your favourite spot. Your preference for an inside space may change during the day,. During summer months you may want to work from outside spaces to benefit from the natural light. These advantages aren't always available through conventional rentals. This contributes to a more motivated workday. Experimenting with different spaces, places and locations can bring out the best of your work.

Convinced? Why not book a tour today to learn more about hybrid work, coworking and what flexible workspaces can do for you and your business.

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