What is Nomads All Over The World?

Nomads All Over The World is a channel focused on highlighting the inspiring nomadic people, cultures and communities. Presenter & CEO of Tribes Inspiring Workplaces Eduard Schaepman has already visited various indigenous and Tribal communities including the Mosuo, the Kyrgyz, the Sami, the Berbers and more! But to understand Nomads All Over The World, you first need to understand what it means to be nomadic.

What does it mean to be a nomad?

Well, the short answer? To be Nomadic. The traditional meaning of nomadic references a person who belongs to a group that moves around in search of new grazing for its animals, but has no fixed residence. This is the case for a lot of communities, especially tribal, indigenous or nomadic, who often move to follow resources. Now, phrases like digital nomad have grown out of people's yearning for more independent, convenient and environmentally minded working arrangements which often include travel, working from home or a hybrid working arrangement.

What started as pure curiosity with his own nomadic past soon blossomed into a documentary, culminating in the infusion of these experiences into inspiring buildings. For example, Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein is directly inspired by Eduard's visit to the isolated community at Lugu Lake. His adventures to the Berbers of Morocco are featured in the Tribes Amsterdam Arena building, directly opposite the Ajax F.C stadium. Check out our locations to see the full list of tribal inspired spaces.

From Amsterdam to Brussels and beyond, our nomadic fever has driven our entire team to showcase just how different the workplace can be from the conventional 4 walls and a desk. For some people, tribes is more than just office spaces, meeting rooms or a coworking space provider. It's a community of like-minded business nomads, continuing to choose innovative workspace providers with a personal touch. Our proactive outreach to the very same communities that adorn our walls showcases how important this tribal connection is, especially to achieving our wider aim of changing the workplace forever!

But what can we really learn from Nomadic Communities?

Lots in fact! Each of the tribes has their own characteristic where they built a strong community. The Suri tribe are known for their winning mentality and for not giving up easily. Whereas the X-Tribe are disrupters and innovators. Berbers are frequently represented as nomadic people riding camels over the desert, while the majority live as farmers in northern Africa's mountains and valleys. So there is a number of misconceptions in the depiction of each community. This is what makes our visits so important, to visit these communities to learn for ourselves! Here is a clip taken from Eduard Schaepman's visit to the Berber Tribe.
Interested in learning more? Read our article to find what Tribe represents you!

The Mind Needs To Travel to Be Creative

A travelling CEO sharing his inspiring nomadic adventures with the world.

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