Back to School (uh work!)

Eduard Schaepman
29 Aug 2019

Back to School (uh work!)

by Eduard Schaepman, on 29 Aug 2019

Peace has returned to the Schaepskooi. After a wonderful holiday, full of rest, sports and relaxation, the children go back to school and Veronique and I are back at work (Veronique now takes on the recruitment for Tribes (do you know any candidates for our open positions? Call 0031650458656 or e-mail!). I’ve been completely offline again this holiday, and whoever emailed me or send me a WhatsApp noticed: they did not get a response. My 'I'm offline’ message also worked: I received less emails in my absence (still a considerable number), although it did result in a lot of phone calls Monday morning, with the message 'I waited until you were back ...'.


wk35 ES 18193700_1349218931824854_5931379807326249217_nOn Monday I cleared all mails and messages, made a round of phone calls with my colleagues and looked at all the reports to finally make a start on Tuesday with all my ideas from the past two weeks. Because it's not like I'm not busy with Tribes during the holidays, on the contrary! My wheels are running at full speed, even though my schedule is completely empty. There's nothing I can do about it: the ideas keep coming. When I was watching my children's sailing regatta, I was already inspired by everything I saw and heard around me. But also during dinner, shopping, sunbathing or cycling: it doesn't stop.



I've already decided which tribe will be the hero-tribe at the newest location, and I've also thought about the layout of that location. After all, after taking the time last year to tighten up processes and put the right people in the right places, it's time to get back to work. From 2020, we will be opening one location after another, so from an organizational point of view, a lot of things are already going on. In weeks like this, you not only get great ideas, but you can also see the bigger picture better, just because you’re out of your everyday course of events, and therefore inspiration and creativity are easily there.


Those of you who know me know that I have no lack of that anyway, even if my head is full of other things. I usually solve that by sharing them immediately with someone and taking action. I couldn't do that during my holidays, because I was offline... So, you can imagine that the children were very relieved that I could go back to work and that peace and quiet had returned to the Schaepman home ;)

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