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12 Jul 2019


by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 12 Jul 2019

Time to introduce you to one of our inspiring German colleagues! Fiona Lege started in June 2018 and has taken over Tribes Frankfurt. She's and always in for a chat and when it's hot, she's preparing ice-coffee for her members (topped of with vanilla ice-cream...)!

Fiona 2-1000pxName: Fiona Lege

Function: Tribal Chief 

Tribes location: Frankfurt Garden Tower and Frankfurt Central Station 

Something about me: I such a person that can’t sleep the night before I go on holiday or it’s my birthday because I am so excited! 
Started at Tribes: June 2018
Found Tribes via: Recruiting Agency Michael Page
First visited Tribes location and impression: the first job interview I had via Skype, and the second round was at Tribes Frankfurt Garden Tower in April 2018. The location was still under construction nevertheless it impressed me a lot and my wish to work for Tribes was getting stronger and stronger.
The reason why I decided to join Tribes: A new company with a lot of potential to grow and Tribal Chief sounded like the perfect job for me.
Just another day at the office: first thing is checking mails and schedule, second thing is talking with my teams at both locations (what’s to do/prepare/order/tidy up etc.), next thing is a little tour trough the location and a little small talk with our members, checking if everything is ok.
The best about my job: I am very flexible with my schedule and I am really enjoying to make our members feel welcome and comfortable at our locations 
The best memory of my time at Tribes: receiving a very lovely beautiful bouquet of flowers from a lady I had not the easiest start with (our relationship wasn’t easy at the beginning, but we managed to overcome it and now we are in a really good contact).
Most memorable event of Tribes: New Years Conference 2019
I would still like to develop myself in: my English skills and my skills of leading a team
Last visited event: summer drinks with colleagues & my own birthday party 
Favorite gadget: coffee machine 
Means of transport: public transport (or bike, but it’s not really convenient in Frankfurt because of missing bike lanes on the street)
Social media: instagram!
I always have these products with me: sunglasses, a bottle of water and my coffee cup
In my personal time I'm busy with: food! (Cooking, eating, baking, visiting my favorite restaurants) 
Most beautiful Tribes location: X-Tribe (but I haven’t visited every location yet) 
My favorite hero-tribe: every tribe with reindeers (Dukha, Sami, Nenets)
Something I learned at Tribes: to set priorities (you can’t handle everything at the same time!)
If it would be allowed to bring your favorite animal to work what animal would you bring with you: a little sea otter!