Meet our colleague: Charissa van Schaik

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17 Jul 2020

Meet our colleague: Charissa van Schaik

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 17 Jul 2020

Charissa is our dear hostess who works at Tribes locations; Utrecht Central Station and Tribes location Utrecht Papendorp. From April 18, 2017 she is already working at Tribes, but at that time through a detachment agency SDG - facilities. She likes the variety between the two locations. Her first meeting with Tribes is Tribes location Utrecht Central Station. Charissa immediately found it a great environment, it has a warm and cosy atmosphere. She immediately felt at homely, because the love for her city Utrecht also plays a big role in that! Tribes does not have a typical office look, but it also offers that extra service as Hospitality, Charissa can fully agree with that.

The members of Tribes Utrecht Central and Tribes Utrecht Papendorp know Charissa as a sweet, patient and quiet girl. She is good at listening to her members, when there is a problem she solves it! She likes to provide service and help the members when there are problems. 

"To help our guests/members by providing them with a good service. You can already do this with something very small like, for example, offering them a cup of coffee or tea when they just walk in with a wet coat from the rain. Or by listening and looking for a solution. This makes people feel heard and appreciated. You often get a smile in return".

Besides her work at Tribes, she also likes the story / concept behind Tribes. It's really a storytelling and that's unique compared to other business centers. Each location also has its own tribe and is decorated differently in terms of look and feel. Tribes central location Utrecht is inspired by the Hamar Tribe. Unique of this location is that Utrecht has the most meeting rooms of all Tribes locations. We have them in all kinds of sizes and with all the conveniences to give training for companies. Tribes Utrecht papendorp is inspired by the Secoya Tribe. This location is located along the highway and has ample parking space. Interesting for companies that are often on their way to their customers in the Netherlands.

Short introduction Charissa from Schaik:
Charissa attaches a lot of value to her family, because for her they are at number 1. She also proudly says that she is a real girl from the city Utrecht. Her whole family has grown up and all live in the same working-class neighbourhood in Utrecht. In such a neighborhood everyone knows each other and it is just really cozy. "Fancy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake?" No problem, Charissa walks through her parents' backyard to grandma and grandpa. Everyone is welcome and that is quite normal in a working-class neighbourhood. Charissa's whole generation lives in the same neighbourhood, her grandmother already lived here when she was 18 Years. Also Charissa's parents bought a house in the street where they all grew up. Quite special and an inspiring story. Charissa tells us that she grew up with a loving and warm family, where she did not lack anything. Someday she hopes to pass this on to her new generation. 

In her spare time, Charissa loves weekends away, but also travelling. On her wish list New York is at the top of her list! She also spends a lot of time with her family, eating out, shopping, catching a movie and Netflix and Chill.
 Can you tell us briefly what a working day looks like for you?
"Every day is different, you can't predict what the day will be like. But that makes the work fun and challenging! My morning starts with opening the reception. Then I do a round on the 2nd floor at our offices. I also check in advance which meeting rooms are planned and make sure all meeting rooms look neat before the training sessions start. I also check the incoming mails, these are usually requests for meeting rooms, but also questions from our members within the location. The rest of the day we make sure the location stays clean and tidy. Some administrative tasks are also part of our duties and at the end of the day we make sure the meeting rooms are ready for the next day!"

Charissa has been working at Tribes for four years and knows each member in the building like no other and has therefore built up a relationship with her members. Last year she received a Rituals Gift from an old member for the entire Utrecht team. A thank you for the good service and a pleasant time. Charissa really appreciates this; "I thought this was so sweet!"

New Year Conference 2020
To provide a perfect team outing for our Tribes colleagues, Charissa belonged to Team NYCSQUAD. This was held in January 2020 in the beautiful Chataeu in Marquette in Beverwijk. Charissa enjoyed organizing this outing together with her other Tribes colleagues abroad. In this way you also get to know your other colleagues from the other locations. Charissa was part of the team decoration and we had a theme for this year that everyone had to dress up in; The Great Gatsby style in the twenties.

Team Tribes Utrecht
Team Tribes Utrecht are enthusiastic hostesses and it is a close-knit club. Below you see a picture of the whole team from left to right Kim, Liza, Jerrel (Chief), opposite Soukayna (Senior Host), our Charissa and Silvia. 

team utrecht