Tribes Inspiring Workplaces
11 May 2018


by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 11 May 2018

Friday is member day! It's time to introduce one of our members to you again. Today we have the pleasure of speaking to two men. We visit our location which is located in the Riekerpolder Business Park: Tribes Amsterdam Schiphol! Early in the morning, we meet Matthijs van Oort and Marco Jansen, pre-sales technical consultants at Nuance Communications. Curious how Marco and Matthijs ended up at Tribes? Read with us!

Nuance is a provider of intelligent software systems in various divisions such as Health Care, Document Imaging as well as Mobile Enterprise. For example, if you ask something on your phone (everybody knows Siri, for example) or car, then your question will be answered. This is all possible with the help of a complex software system, Nuance develops, among other things, these systems.

Nuance is the global market leader in the field of voice recognition and has clients in small and medium-sized enterprises up to multinationals. Marco and Matthijs work in the Document Imaging division. But what kind of systems do they work with? Matthijs: 'What we deliver, is often custom-made and part of a solution, it is completely adapted to the wishes of the customer. Nuance is an international company and has to do with customers in Europe (EMEA), in APAC, but also in America. So, you are dealing with different ways of doing business.’


5 years ago Matthijs started working at Nuance, Matthijs and Marco work as preconsultants and they support the partners and sales colleagues. In the Netherlands, there are approximately 15 people working for Nuance, but worldwide there are 14,000. Marco has been working for the company since 2009. They both have a lot of experience in this business and they can tell everything about it. 'We make software that works on and around multifunctional and document flow processes. Each machine (e.g. from Ricoh, Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta, etc.) has its own application, which can be divided into 2 types: embedded and web-based applications and this differs from the machine manufacturer. We are working on 12 kinds of different embedded software.'


Matthijs and Marco's workplace used to be located at another flexible workspace provider. Because this no longer met the wishes of the management, the management decided that they could do their work at Tribes, which of course makes us very happy! Marco: ‘In the end, although we haven't made the decision on our own, we are very happy with the location. There is an informal atmosphere and it looks very nice!’