Meet our Partner: The Communication Company (TCC)

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26 Apr 2019

Meet our Partner: The Communication Company (TCC)

by Tribes Inspiring Workplaces, on 26 Apr 2019

‘Tribes looks amazing, not only the interior, but also the corporate identity’, is a remark we hear all too often. To be honest, we're very happy and proud of it ourselves as well. So, we felt it was time to introduce our strong partner: The Communication Company! Our friends from Breda are always there for us: a good brainstorming session, brand monitoring, developing a campaign, everything is possible. Cees Faes, Bram Verbogt, Inge Verhelst, Theo Kosters and Valerie Elich are full of creativity and they are happy to share that with us (and our Tribes members)

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As far as we are concerned, a really good workspace should be inspiring as well as complete and comfortable. So, we have had the help of the Breda advertising agency TCC right from the start, which not only designed our corporate identity, but also created all the hilarious images with our chief Eduard. From logo to campaign poster, from concept ideas to smart phrases: TCC supports us in many areas. In its first year, the Tribes campaign has already been nominated for a SAN Accent; the largest advertising prize in the Netherlands, and we were quite proud of that!


TCC, which also produces campaigns for other A-brands such as KLM, Mora, Jupiler and Interpolis, does not belong to a large multinational, but is owned by a few very enterprising figures. Besides TCC, Stefan Nuijten has an interest in start- and scale ups such as the dating site Veganific, refurbisher Fixers and deep learning company PTTRNS.AI.
Maarten Elshove turned the traditional dept-collection world around with the fully digital service Max Credible. Cees Faes has been running TCC since the scale up phase as a real challenger, with which the agency has grown into the only fully independent agency in the top 10 that is not located in the Randstad conurbation. And Michiel Mol once founded Lost Boys, invested in commercial space travel and brought his own Formula 1 team (ForceIndia) from place 11 to place 4 on the grid.


They are all true entrepreneurs, maybe that's why they are able to put themselves in the shoes of entrepreneurs. So, if you are ready for a new online or offline campaign to put your brand on the map right away, you can always contact our friends in Breda. By the way, they can also regularly be found in one of the Tribes locations, how convenient is that!

Call 076-5655511 or send an email to our contact person