Office Space

Unique, fully equipped workspaces plus unlimited access to our cafes, gyms, meeting rooms and more.

Day Office

€60 ex VAT

A private office space for one day.

    • private office space
    • 8 hours access
    • access to all common spaces
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Private Desk

€399 starting price

A private desk in a shared office space.

    • Single workstation
    • Shared office space
    • 24/7 access
    • Access to all common spaces
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Private Office

Tailor-made offer

A private office space based on your needs and wishes.

    • 2 or more workstations for you and your team
    • Private office space
    • 24/7 access
    • Access to all common spaces
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Focus on your business

We fully understand your needs as an entrepreneur. You want a professional work environment, a place where you can meet new people and where you can spend every minute of every day reaching your business goals. That's why we will take care of everything in and around your office space, so you will have all the time to focus on your success. Our office space solutions with 24/7 access give you a convenient base along with the full benefits of joining the strong Tribes community. In addition to your office space, you will also have access to all common areas and all facilities, so you will be able to easily meet like-minded professionals.

Office space at Tribes

Whether you work on a private desk in a shared office space, or you choose a private office space, going to a Tribes location will become part of your daily dose of inspiration. Our inspiring workplaces are based on nomadic tribes around the world, and will ensure that you have the best environment to focus on your growth and that of your business.

Inspiring Workplaces

Tribes is not just a workplace. Inspired by 34 indigenous tribes, every location is unique and inspiring.

A convenient base

Not only your office, but also all other workspaces and common areas are at your disposal.


Whether you want to work with 2 people, a team of 20 or an entire company: we'll think along with you.

Work for a cause

By working with Tribes Inspiring Workplaces you are supporting Survival International who continue to protect the world's most vulnerable indigenous communities.

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