10 considerations before renting your first office in Amsterdam

From bike storage to meeting rooms, a definitive list of important considerations before renting your first office in Amsterdam.

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1. Work out your requirements.

In the past, it was seen as compulsory for new businesses to start with long leases within the confines of 4 boring white walls. Covid-19 has emphasized the need for flexible working arrangements for businesses, especially with startups who may need to expand or downscale within short notice. So make sure to adequately map out your preferred lease length, space requirements and equipment needs.

Coworking and the flexible workspace market offers smart solutions without the daunting, long commitment to a single space. This will ultimately work in your businesses favour, meaning you can easily find an adequate home for your new business or creative endeavour based on necessity.

2. Location isn’t just important for your team.

Location isn’t just about making sure your team can reach the office via the metro or tram. So try expanding your thought process to account for all relevant considerations surrounding choice of location, such as:

  • What do you need in the vicinity of your office?
  • Do you need easy access to public transport?
  • What shops are in the surrounding area?
  • How far is your office from Schiphol for international clients?
  • Is there on-site parking?
  • Who handles deliveries and postal service?
  • Is there security on site?

These questions are all very important considerations when renting an office in Amsterdam, so be sure to keep these in mind when deciding.

3. Does the location have meeting rooms?

Make sure your office space has adequate access to meeting rooms to allow you and your team to conduct more formal business or presentations. You would be surprised by the number of offices across the city that don’t have this space available on demand. You may be tempted to go without, but trust us — you will notice the difference in how business is conducted when you have a dedicated space for business.

4. Does the location have all the amenities for a good meeting?

Now that you have a meeting room you can use or book, you need to make sure it has the necessary equipment. Booking a meeting room is just one aspect of ensuring a presentation goes smoothly. When renting an office, many can be shocked when there are no pens, flipboards or support when setting up the room. Make sure to go over what’s included with your meeting room, so you can avoid that last-minute trip to buy pens or find paper.

Check what equipment is available for your meeting, especially if you plan on holding conference calls, video meetings or groups of 10+. A strong internet connection, a screen, and other basics such as tea and coffee may not come as standard, so keep this in mind to avoid extra charges.

5. Ensure you have a place to meet or unwind!

It’s all fine and well having a nice new Amsterdam office to work from, but soon enough you’ll find the need for a change of scenery, especially throughout busier work weeks. Our advice? Have dedicated meeting rooms available in the vicinity or a nice communal area where employees can clear their heads from the deadlines and dial tones.

Not only does diversification of space help focus employees, but it can actually create a more motivating workplace.

6. Figure out the rules regarding customizing your new space.

Many new businesses can be surprised by the few choices they have when making their new space feel like their own.

Working out your limitations beforehand can save a lot of headaches at later stages, especially if your plans included branding your space.

7. Consider how your business will look to others.

Treating your office like your shop window is a great way to ensure you make the right first impression with clients and stakeholders. Put bluntly, if you make the wrong first impression it could cost your business no matter how good the product. So take advantage of opportunities to brand your office, customizing it to reflect your business and it’s goals. If your business is a pioneering startup with a lot of energy, avoid locations that paint the opposite picture. In short, how your office looks ultimately serves the sales process.

8. Ask questions on your tour or visit to a location.

There is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to renting your first office in Amsterdam. Tour your chosen location beforehand and take this opportunity to explore the space, asking every and all questions you see fit.
A helpful thing to consider is the types of businesses that will be sharing your building. This can prove essential for networking, as many solutions can come from neighbouring businesses. Much like the Nenets tribe, source reciprocal business collaborations and partnerships to ensure you get the most from your chosen location.

9. Bike storage

Don’t underestimate the importance of Bike Storage in the Amsterdam. Seeing as there are more bikes than cars in the city, your employees will more than likely want to cycle to work, especially in warmer months.

With the looming threat of bike theft and damage, it’s great to place this amongst your list of considerations before renting an office space.

10. Find inspiring spaces

Finding the perfect home for your business can be a daunting endeavour, so don’t settle for a space with no personality. Look for locations that will motivate your employees to work to their full potential. Unhappy spaces create unhappy work, so keep this in mind when settling for a cheaper place that lacks the final touches and services.

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